Dead Head – Property Protected by a Warning Signs Sticker – 4.5″x6″



Warning: Property Protected by a Dead Head

Fans of the Grateful Dead, knows as Dead Heads, and Deadheads, once toured the country to see as many concerts from the Grateful Dead as they could.

If you’re a Dead Head this sign is for you! It also makes a great gift for a Dead Head you know. Let potential intruders know they’re about to enter a psychedelic tie-dye world of dancing skeletons and dancing bears. A world from which, for many, there is no escape!

This Property Protected by a Dead Head sticker measures out to approximately 4.5″x6″.  It is printed in a glossy finish with eco-friendly inks on a premium vinyl polymer. Our inks are UV resistant and designed to last 7-10 years, indoors or out.


Additional information

Weight .687 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 × .1 in