Pit Bull – Property Protected by a Warning Signs Sticker – 4.5″x6″


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Warning: Property Protected by a Pit Bull

Until recently in American history, the American Pit Bull Terrier was considered a friendly family dog, great with children and tolerant of rough-housing- following along with the Little Rascals, hanging out with Buster Brown, and a beloved pet of Helen Keller. They were once nicknamed ‘nanny dogs’. They’re amazing, high-energy dogs with lots of love to give. And by LOTS of love, we mean LOTS!

They don’t have locking jaws and the American Temperament Test Society ranks them at a temperament equivalent to most other dogs where they had such a large sample size.

However, we know you love your Pit and this sticker is for you.

This Property Protected by a Pit Bull sticker measures out to approximately 4.5″x6″.  It is printed in a glossy finish with eco-friendly inks on a premium vinyl polymer. Our inks are UV resistant and designed to last 7-10 years, indoors or out.


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