Pothead – Property Protected by a Warning Signs Sticker – 9″ x 12″ Large Adhesive Sticker



Warning: Property Protected by a Pothead

The Urban Dictionary describes as pothead as someone who believes (1) any problem can be fixed by smoking marijuana, and (2) any activity is more enjoyable whilst stoned. And that extends to property protection!

With Marijuana becoming legal in more U.S. states, potheads are able to proudly announce that they’re there, protecting your property.

This Property Protected by a Pothead sticker measures out to approximately 9″ x 12″.  It is printed in a glossy finish with eco-friendly inks on a premium vinyl polymer. Our inks are UV resistant and designed to last 7-10 years, indoors or out.

Additional information

Weight .687 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 × .1 in