Zombie Information -9″ x 12″ “In the Event of a Zombie Attack” Instructional



Zombie Informational Notice – In the Event of a Zombie Attack 

In the case of a Zombie Outbreak, it is imperative to create educate everyone as to the proper Aviodance, Termination, and Disposal Techniques to slow down and stop the Outbreak as quickly and safely as possible. Use these adhesive stickers to clearly inform people as the the proper procedures.

These Warning Stickers have been designed and approved by the Zombie Research Foundation and we have been authorized to bring them to you at a low cost!

These measure approximately 9″ x 12″.


Please note we offer this in several different sizes.

4.5″ x 6″

5.75″ x 8″

9″ x 12″

12.5″ x 18.5″


If you are in need of a large number of Instructionals in the Event of a Zombie Attack please contact us for a bulk-rate discount.